Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBQ for Earth Hour/Election/Paver Removal

The concept behind Earth Hour which started in Oz and has gone global [no wonder friends in the UK are suspicious] is to turn off your optional electricity for 60mins and save on energy and greenhouse gases.... BUT here's an idea... switch yours off at 4.30pm and come join in a BBQ at our place so we collectively save heaps more...

It's a 2011 kick off for 'Salt [Factory]' for young adults looking to engage in God's mission in the world and hoping to find encouragement and like minded souls... I've done a lot of thinking about our 2010 and some ways forward, inviting you to shape what Salt [Factory] is in 2011 while offering mentoring and leadership for your endeavours... it just might be what you're looking for...

FRom 5pm to 9.30pm [ish] FREE BBQ please RSVP for catering numbers... robhanks@bigpond.net.au

Bring swimmers if you're game!!

All you have to do for your BBQ is to pick up and move a few backyard pavers [helping us fix some drainage and water leak hassles in my downstairs study!!

Thos interested can check the early Election numbers after dinner and we'll chat about SF 2011 as well!!

Vegetarian hippies catered for as well!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

'New Tack' for Salt [Factory]

FRom Facebook....

Hey all... this doesn't reach our entire Salt [Factory] crew but it's a start at a ridiculously busy time of year.... I am working on a contact list... BUT....

I want to invite all those who've taken an interest in SF to know I am inviting you to take a slightly new 'Tack' and help sort out all those different things the group could be and could do... if only you had time!!

I've pitched to you... a vision of what could be but we've struggled to have space to work together to start and grow that... or you've told me if I do it all it can happen!!

Here's the new 'tack' in sailing terms there may be more... I'm asking those who've been interested to come onboard and give this thing [4 months or so] as we iron out the different ideas that have come...

See we've talked about events, relationships, locations, meetings, what else people connect with, possible futures etc and I fear we are gripped by not having a coordinated sense of which way to jump... note the 'beta' addition to the logo above... permission to be 'in development'...

We've been clear about the idea of SF being a community/group/space which holds each of us accountable for how we are engaged in God's activity/mission in the world... but then we've jumped to random events which could do that but feed nobody's passions in particular...

So the 'new tack' is I'm offering to sharpen my leadership as a mentor, encourager, teacher as we gather a few times to talk about how each of us might be being challenged to be engaged in God's mission and we'll reflect, talk, be encouraged to think of what in that is personal action ,what is group action and where you could act that out.... if you think an event or happening does that for you the SF can help you put it together... if not then SF is about encouraging that personal journey...

It means a couple of gatherings where we hear stories, reflect and discuss who or what God is calling each of us to be... and as ideas for ways to do the emerge, then we can seek each others help to do that...

In the meantime, other events. programs and experiences may be the way... and we as a group can work at how to help each other engage in those...

OK, questions, comments, reflections.....
I will seek a date for a Chrissy experience before 2010 disappears, may explore 'Tropfest' trip again and another cafe conversation or meeting at the Joy Cummings Centre on the edge of Pacific Park in Newie... we bring our own supper....

OK... YOU are invited... stay tuned for details....
Check out red bubble post below for your t-shirt or await details of the cheaper option thru Luke O.....

OK, questions, comments, reflections.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New 'Tack'

Salt [Factory] folks will soon receive and invitation to 'take a new tack' and to gather to talk about the shape of the next few times together...
I've been doing lots of thinking and want to share some of my story and invite you to consider more focus on [1] idea about Salt [Factory] than the many we've tossed around... it involves being able to help each of you to 'live out God's mission in the world' according to your gifts and energy...

In the meantime our logo has made it's way onto a t-shirt... which is in one way is a bit pre-emptive but will also help us spread the word about our existence AND ultimately to reflect our hopes and energy as a group!!

There are three ways to access these shirts...

[1] is up and running now at redbubble.com
Follow the links from http://www.redbubble.com/shop/salt+factory+t-shirts to order designs that work on either lighter or darker colours at the bargain 'no sweat shop' price of $25!! with a 2-3 week delivery!! and no postage for [4] shirts...


[2] In the future 'oliverthedesigner' should be able to hook you up with a homegrown but cheaper version

[3] There will be some opportunities to win one as a give-away... stay tuned!!

We know it's exams and wind down for the year BUT what happens next will reflect just that...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Things

ONE: Salt [Factory] will be hitting/making a cafe space just before students and others disappear into the study/exams vortex!! You need a night off anyhow!!

TWO: Then something before Christmas reflecting on Advent would be a great way to use a city space like the rail sheds!!

ReGenerate in Adelaide

I've been in Adelaide tonight at a network dinner called ReGenerate and have shared with some leaders of new missional and experimental groups or initiatives from a 'singles' ministry through to art in public space as part of Adelaide Fringe and a few other stories in between!! A great opportunity to bring questions, ideas and thinking aloud... out... to be followed by conversation with friends/colleagues here in SA tomorrow!!
Salt [Factory] will have couple more activities/spaces before the end of the year and I am very keen to talk with people about what it is about Salt [Factory] they would like to see grow and how they'd be happy to contribute...
I am also hoping to find a time where anyone who wants to could come together for day to do some 'Retreating' and 'visioning' about SF for 2011 when we can be clearer about a shared purpose and the values of SF people have found attractive and want to hold up for focus so we begin to figure out some of the yet to be explored questions about what SF is.... stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Tomorrow When the War Began"

Twelve of us ventured out to see the film tonight at Newcastle's historic Tower Cinemas!! It seemed a fitting venue for such an aussie film based on book 1 of 7 written by John Marsden. Scott Beattie's screenplay and the production values did the story justice as Wirrawee was shot in and around Dungog, Raymond Terrace [oh yeah and the Blue Mountains I guess]!!
I should have recognised the Luskintyre Bridge up past Lochinvar as I've spent many a lazy Sunday afternoon playing in the sand dunes under it as a youngster!!

From the young people's point of view it's about making their way and becoming who they are
The violence and futility of war
How God engages in the world and our lives
Christian and other values and choices
And it's about 'an even share' for neighbouring peoples, given Australia's vastness, wealth and resources

While the film finished with a set up for the following stories [rumoured for TV miniseries] it stood alone as a good yarn as well!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Small Missional Community

The hope for Salt [Factory] is that it might become a small missional community exploring life and faith in ways that help participants make sense of both!!
At the moment it's an experiment in search of clear purpose and identity and so is it any wonder any number of young adults wait to see which way things fall so they can decide whether or not to invest!!
Meanwhile, it needs that involvement to further take shape... "it's not rocket science!" but it is a bit complex!!

Salt [Factory] is:
- focused on young adults
- seeking to be a community of people
- about exploring life, spirituality & christian faith
- hoping to create an initial community of identifiable young adults moving out of other organised UCA programs, places and events BUT remaining outward focused so together we might create events and spaces where those not part of the group can find space to explore...
- the goal is to draw young adults in the city of Newcastle who might also appreciate this journey of discovery and accountability!!

Do you want to help create such a space and some events... ?
I'd love to hear from you at rjh43@live.com!!

Salt Factory hits the Movies "Tomorrow When the War Began"

7pm at Newcastle Tower Cinemas we're catching "Tomorrow When the War Began" with supper at Darby St for those who can stay to chat about the film!!

As a non reader of John Marsden's work I look fwd to being educated and by all reports the film is GREAT!! Join us if you can... stay tuned for future 'Salt [Factory]' activity of not!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010